Ultimate Soulmate Reading

Is This “The One?”

This is the ultimate "tell all I need to know" about your connection with a significant other. In combining all of the tools (astrology and intuitive tarot) an intense and thorough exploration of your charts and cards, reveals all. Soulmates are easy to attract. All you need to do is summon him or her. There is no shortage of soulmate potentials available to you. But here's the hitch - they are definitely not ALL available to you, what you really want in a partner or are destined for a long term commitment. Some are catalysts, others flutter in and back out again, so fast it can make your head spin, leave you spell bound and wondering WTF was that? Some are karmic, toxic and should be avoided. If you have met a potential, have already progressed in a union or you are wondering if you are ever going to get it together in order to experience a healthy and cathartic relationship, then this reading will provide you with the answers you are seeking. Eliminate the guess work, receive the invaluable guidance and advice in order to avoid all of the wasted time and energy spent in endless searching and yearning. Stuck, blocked or challenged by endless hoop jumping? There is far more to know than the "Law of Attraction Gurus" tell you about. Lets delve deeper, discover the whole truth and reveal your unique love story.


STOP! Before proceeding to email, please listen to or read in full the instructions on the “Intuitive Tarot & Astrology Online Services” page, located on the main menu. In order for this reading to proceed without delay, please double check that you have included all of the requested details (see below) in your email including payment info.

Details To Include In Your Email:

  1. Your Christian name at birth and that of the other. (Names carry their own energy vibration. Nick names or pseudonyms are misleading and may result in a confused read. If the name is unisex or foreign (not a common Western name) please also state gender.
  2. Date of Birth of both partners (This and the following details are required in order to accurately calculate your Birth Charts. The more details you can provide, the more information can be derived. Please type clearly in order to identify individual details for each person.
  3. Place of Birth (Country and nearest City.)
  4. Time of Birth (Provide only if you can. Most of the information required to conduct this reading is in the chart without the need of the birth time.)
  5. The current status of the union? (eg: We are engaged, have just met etc)
  6. Provide a brief history of your meeting if you wish to elaborate and feel that it would be helpful in relation to addressing your questions.
  7. Clearly state up to 6 specific questions and/or mention the reason/s for seeking this reading.

Fast Track My Reading

This is an additional service charge to add to the purchase of a reading. This transaction is only to be added after you have received confirmation to proceed with the payment to fast track your reading.