Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading

This psychic tarot reading is ideal for any relationship whether it is an intimate partner, parent/child, sibling or a professional contact. Details to include in your email: 1. Clearly state your connection to the other. 2. Your star/sun and rising sign (if you know it) and that of the other if you can. 3. Briefly state your questions (up to 6) or generally explain from your heart space what it is that you are most concerned or wondering about and the guidance / advice you are seeking. 4. Your christian name at birth and that of the other. (Names carry their own energy vibration. Nick names or pseudonyms are misleading and may result in a confused read. If the name is unisex or foreign (not a common Western name) please also state gender. 5. If the other is a child include their age.


Fast Track My Reading

This is an additional service charge to add to the purchase of a reading. This transaction is only to be added after you have received confirmation to proceed with the payment to fast track your reading.