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ConsultationsSkype or unseen.is. Phone limited to one off sessions only

• Relationship rescue (For individuals & couples)
• Depression, Anxiety, Stress, PTSDCounsellor 2
• Fears & phobias
• Bad habits & addictions
• Parenting Aid
• Shock, trauma & grief
• Confusion, guilt, shame, regret
• Loss (material or otherwise)
• Abuse / victim patterns
• Self- destructive / sabotaging tendencies
• Correct negative thoughts, beliefs, programming, conditioning and dysfunctional behaviour
• Psychic / spiritual attack, energy vampirism.
Are you an empath (energy sensitive) in need of ‘shield protection’ tools?
• Psychopathic, sociopathic and narcissistic abuse


Whilst Psychology and conventional counselling certainly has its benefits and fulfils a need in society, there are limitations to its benefits. Conventional psychology and counselling revolves around “talk therapy” therefore only the psychological aspect of the client is addressed. No amount of “talk therapy” on its own is going to heal a broken heart, traumatized soul, correct an abuse pattern or provide the tools to cope with loss. This is why many people spend months or years in conventional counselling and may not actually fully benefit or recover.

By contrast Holistic Counselling and healing acknowledges the whole person, body, mind, heart and spirit, integrates numerous therapies, tools, techniques and processes according to the clients’ issues, ailments and needs; encourages the client to take an active approach in their own healing through applying the tools and techniques to heal oneself at a core level, empowers and enables self-help and responsibility.

Because Holistic counsellors are educated and informed in numerous studies and topics, such as nutrition, quantum physics, practice a range of therapies, techniques and modalities they can provide a one stop service to assist with and treat everything from emotional, physical pain to disease according to individual qualifications. For example, it is not uncommon for a holistic counsellor to also be a naturopath, masseur or in Dee’s case, a Shaman and EFT Practitioner. At the very least Holistic Counselling and healing accessed in combination with conventional medicine / treatment can most certainly complement and enhance your overall health, healing and recovery.

Introducing Alannah Dore, just one of Dee’s Trainers and much loved facilitators. In this TV interview on “The Healers Way” Alannah discusses Holistic Living Counselling. http://holisticlivingcounselling.com.au (Training Courses are approved and accredited by the ‘International Complementary Therapists Association’.)

A good therapist may specialize in one area. But a great therapist seeks out the most advanced and revolutionary tools and techniques in order to serve their clientele in the best most effective and efficient ways possible. Sadly not all health practitioners have such pure intent and are more focussed on creating returning customers for profit than they are on cures and resolution. Another fact to consider is the inclination to complicate everything. Limited thinking in believing complicated issues, ailments or disease must likewise require a complicated treatment and solution.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Dee wholeheartedly agrees with Einstein. Do you recall how as a child you saw the answers and solutions to issues and problems in rather an uncomplicated and simplified way? But then the adults around you said, ‘It’s just not that simple.’….. Actually it is. It is only the limitations of our own minds that create complications.

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Back to basics and back to nature. Your own mind, body, heart and soul have the power and potential to heal from and correct most everything. And nature has provided us with an abundance of medicines to assist our healing. Some decades ago however greed came into play and consequently synthetic substitutes were concocted in order to create billion dollar profits and returning customers. You see, you cannot patent nature, so they created a rip off version of nature and patented that. Clever and manipulative marketing campaigns influenced most everyone into depending on their patented medicines, technologies and doctors. Very quickly people forgot that nature is healing and the power to heal is within us all. (See The Matrix page on this site and watch the video “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – The True History of Chemo & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly.”)

Nature is and always was the answer and we simply need to know the right combination of medicine, tools and techniques to use in order to treat the dis-ease, issue or ailment, apply them and allow the power of nature and our own healing potential to do the rest.

In discovering the revolutionary Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in 2005 and combining it with counselling Dee states, “EFT is like activating the turbo charged instant relief button. The power boost gets you from A-Z in some cases within minutes. Some issues and ailments may take a little longer to resolve, but this is nothing when one considers the time (sometimes a lifetime) spent suffering physically, mentally or emotionally. Often times “processes” such as the 12 steps to recovery can be as traumatising as the initial trauma that caused the problem in the first place. With EFT however lengthy processes, additional pain and suffering are eliminated.”

EFT is a very powerful and affective tool for healing at the core (energy level.) It is a simple technique devised from acupuncture and psychology combined and has been innovated in such a way as to eliminate the ‘talk therapy’ and has replaced ‘needles’ with ‘tapping’ instead on the meridians (acupuncture points.) Disease, mental disorders and emotional disturbances are imbalances, the “symptoms” stemming from disruptions/blocks in the flow of energy within the body. Trauma, stress, toxic diets, a lack of nutrition, negative and corrupted programming (mind control,) electromagnetic fields, exposure to radiation, chemicals and heavy metals (aluminium and mercury) are just some of a long list of things that cause the disruptions and blocks. EFT clears the blocks and corrects the disruption thereby freeing up the flow of energy. Heal on the energy level and physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual healing follows. EFT is so speedy in delivering results that the mind boggles and is challenged to believe that healing could possibly occur this simply, all without long drawn out processes and side-affects (more needless pain and suffering.) Feeling resistant? We tap on that issue too. Don’t believe EFT will work? The beauty is you don’t have to believe in it in order to benefit. The results speak for themselves.


What can I expect from a session/s?

First session – 2 hours to allow time to build rapport, hear your story, assess your needs, discuss options, plan a strategy and organize your fun homework task to be undertaken between sessions.

If EFT is chosen and agreed upon as the best course of action (which is often the case) then you can expect to start learning the technique during the first session. (Refer to the EFT menu for more information.)

Generally speaking on-going counselling requires 3 to 6 x 1 hour sessions on a fortnightly basis. On average 3 to 4 sessions is often sufficient.

[Disclaimer: Dee does not seek to replace professional doctors or psychiatrists. Her therapy and information is not intended to replace that of licensed medical services, or to divert persons from seeking medical care and help. Follow your physician’s recommendations for medications and overall treatment plans.]

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