Holistic Living Coaching

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Dee has a trunk full of ideas, tips, inspiration, tools, techniques and skills to share with you in order to achieve lifestyle balance, enhance self-esteem, confidence, joy, healthy living, self-empowerment, effective parenting, align with authentic self, expand consciousness, reach goals and personal potential.

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Here are some examples and ideas as to how coaching can assist you.

• Empowerment boost. Self-love in action for a happier, healthier you (learn the nurturing techniques)

• Goals, dreams & aspirations (Motivation, Inspiration, support tools & tips)

• Holistic living – Balance health, overall lifestyle & well being
Work, relationships, diet / nutrition, fitness / exercise, relaxation / sleep, creative outlet / social engagements, time & priorities management.

• Lacking direction? Discover life purpose and fulfill mission

• Effective communication & assertiveness skills, self -expression development & boundary setting.
• Personal / Spiritual / Psychic development for individuals or group workshops.

Organize 2 or more self development devotees to join you and ask Dee to facilitate a workshop custom designed to match your interests, desires and requests. A list of ideas and possibilities for you to choose from is available on request.

See “Services” page for more information on booking this service.