Intuitive Tarot & Astrology Readings Online Services


Please listen to the video or read the guidelines below in full BEFORE ordering reading/s. Do not expect to receive a reply to questions that are addressed here.

  1. Readings are video recorded in MP4. You are not required to be present during the reading. At the time of purchase you will need to provide your details as requested to conduct the reading selected, together with any questions you wish to have addressed. The video link will be emailed to you on completion. If you have a preference for where you would like your video uploaded (i.e: private link on YouTube, DTube, Vimeo, or Bitchute) please state your preference when you order.
  2. Order via email, pay via paypal or Steem for Steemit members. Please double check that you have paid for your order and have included ALL of the requested details in your email before hitting the send button. 
  3. Charges are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD). International buyers will generally benefit from trading with Australia as the exchange rate is much lower than USD, GBP & EUR. Please check currency converter here
  4. Allow up to 5 days after purchase to receive your reading. Every effort will be made to deliver as promptly as possible, but will depend on demand and schedule. Please avoid delay by providing all of the details as requested in order to conduct your reading. 
  5. If you are anxious for an immediate reading, please email and ask first if your order can be fast tracked. Take into account “time zone” differences, check the  world clock for Brisbane Australia and be realistic. Same day delivery is probably not likely for o/s orders. To fast track your reading you merely get to jump the queue to the next available time slot during business hours. An additional charge and transaction is required and must be paid upfront.
  6. How long will the reading be? Readings are not subject to time limits. One hour is a rough guesstimate and depends on the reading selected. Your reading will be edited of lengthy pauses that sometimes arise due to needing to translate energy frequency, intuitive senses or visions into speech. Dee is a shaman, therefore her readings are not limited merely to reading and translating the general meanings of the cards. Rather, the cards merely serve as a trigger that activates the flow of energy and communication with the universal intelligence. 
  7. Cancellation – Once you have ordered and paid for your reading consider it done! Sorry but this service does not accommodate and make allowances for your mistake or change of mind.

  8. Refund – NO! If you do not get the answer you were hoping for or the reading isn’t what you were expecting, consider this; to tell you only what you want to hear would be to offer a disservice. If the reading is not what you expected it to be then perhaps you do not understand the nature of this service, energy, divination etc. If you are merely looking for entertainment or a fun party trick, opt out now. This work is undertaken with pure intent and integrity in working with real people with real issues and concerns who are seeking deeper insight and wise guidance into real life challenges and / or to reinforce /confirm feelings / thoughts of their own that may be in doubt. [Disclaimer: Dee does not seek to replace professional doctors or psychiatrists. Her therapy and information is not intended to replace that of licensed medical services, or to divert persons from seeking medical care and help.  Follow your physician’s recommendations for medications and overall treatment plans.]

  9. Your right to privacy is respected and regarded as such. Therefore any and all of the information you share, including your email address will be strictly confidential.