Psychic / Medium & Tarot Readings


Tarot Readings  

Dee uses 3 different tarot spreads – Triple Celtic Cross (33 cards), 21 card (as pictured above) & / or the 9 card spread.

The cards positions are explained during the course of the reading (e.g present, near future, outcome etc.)

Reverse cards – Dee does not use reverse cards. However, occasionally cards will appear reversed even though Dee makes sure they are upright before shuffling. If a reverse card appears Dee pays extra attention to it and the meaning. It has appeared reversed for a reason.

I/2 Hour consultation is limited to specific questions (no more than 3) focussed on one area such as, “Will I get the job? What can I expect if I accept the job offer? What can I expect if I stay in my current job?”

1 x Hour consultation. You get the full gamut – all three spreads focussed on the areas of your choice. E.g. Relationships, work / business / finances, home, family, travel, health. Choose the area of most concern first. The cards will be shuffled with that area in mind. We can expect cards related to the other area to show up here as well, since just like our lives, a job or lack there-of affects the other areas of our lives. Dee may glean all the information sought from this spread alone, hone in on a significant matter of importance and concentrate the reading there, or move onto the next area. One can never predict the direction a reading will take, so this is just a general guide.

Q. How does Dee ‘read’ and what are her gifts?

A. Dee does not always need to refer to the cards. Messages and insights come through various means. Read more here

Q. Is a tarot reading really what I want and need?

A. Please refer to the other services Dee offers if you are unsure. Sometimes a reading just won’t cut it. If you are doing the rounds of different psychics (e.g more than 4 a year) or are doing the rounds until you find a psychic who will tell you what you want to hear, it is kindly advised that you consider using one of Dee’s other services. Pure spirits are into empowerment and deter dependency.

Q. I want to know about my deceased loved ones.

A. Read more here

Ask Dee about doing the ‘Up The Stairs’ process to connect you directly with your loved ones and experience them for yourself.

Q. I have specific questions about an out of the ordinary experience I’m having, life, death, spirit etc that I don’t fully understand and need more information, guidance, insight and/or clarity.  

A. Dee always aims to assist you with your own development, education, needs and requests and she is more than happy to address your concerns and meet you where ever you are at. Humanity is experiencing a time of transformation, awakening and transition. Many are waking up, experiencing initiations into higher consciousness, loss of relationships / loved ones, jobs etc. and are discovering their gifts and life missions. Read Dee’s Bio pages. It is all part of a process in our evolution. Also explore’ The Matrix’ page here

Q. How do I choose the right psychic / healer?

A. Are you selective about the hairdresser or dentist you use? It pays to be. Good for you if you are. Now use that discernment and add a healthy dose of your own intuition. Does this person feel right to you or is your stomach tense? Conduct some research if you are unsure. Dee is extremely selective and discerning about allowing any one into her energy field and she advises you to be the same way. Dee has called out Charlatans in the past. One of them had even been recommended to her through a friend. Had Dee conducted a proper investigation by questioning her friend more thoroughly rather than simply taking her word for it that this apparent psychic was ‘good’, she would’ve been onto the scammer immediately and she wouldn’t have made an appointment. Dee ended the session with the charlatan in the first 5 minutes and immediately rang her friend. A couple of questions later and Dee learned that her friend was having ongoing weekly sessions with this woman. That is one big red flag. As was stated above, “Pure spirits are into empowerment and deter dependency.” Unless you are doing a course of study or practice, anyone who encourages you to attend weekly or regular sessions without a clear intention or goal should be avoided.

Q. What happens to my payment if Dee can’t read me?

A. Curious sceptics can block psychics through restricting their energy fields. Why come to a psychic if you are not open minded enough to explore? Perhaps one of Dee’s other services would be more beneficial and will allow you an opportunity to build a rapport with her first if ‘trust’ is a serious issue for you. Maybe you have a certain expectation or perception about what a reading entails and you are disappointed when your expectation isn’t met. Please refer to this page for a deeper insight into how Dee works and see how ‘readings’ may unfold in unexpected ways.

Having said that a refund will be graciously made, provided you speak up early in the session if you are dissatisfied. Likewise if for some reason Dee simply isn’t in tune with you.

Q. I’ve heard that the power of suggestion is dangerous. Is this true?

A. Yes it is. Words are ‘spells.’ When a doctor tells a cancer patient that they have only X amount of time to live they are planting a seed in that persons mind. You become what you think and believe. If something suggestive is disempowering, intimidating, is in any way abusive or just feels wrong, Dee suggests that you hand the suggestion back, walk away – anything but accept the suggestion or go along with it.

 Q. I read for myself and would just like an objective view of my reading or can I use my own cards for the reading?

A. Absolutely encouraged.

Q. Can I record the reading? 

A. Yes. Please give Dee the courtesy of informing her first. Thank you.

Q. Timing.

A. Whilst Dee knows of a few different methods for timing an event she does not count on them for 100% accuracy. Reason being that the spirit world exists outside of our time limitations. Out there in the other worlds everything occurs simultaneously. In Dee’s experience sometimes even Divine timing and plans can be met with ‘interference’ such as your or somebody else exercising free will or fails to recognise and act upon the universe’s cues. Whether it is apathy or stubbornness we do and can block things coming to us through standing in our own way. Certain planetary transits like ‘retrograde planets’ cause delays. Dee will often get a feeling as to whether the event is nearing or more distant in time. A ‘looking ahead’ spread can sometimes be useful if there is no indication of the anticipated event occurring within the next 3 months.