This website is dedicated to inspiring a ‘holistic ‘balanced approach to life, health and wellbeing.  The aim is to –
1. Share knowledge and wisdom from ancient, current and revolutionary sources.
2. Teach and encourage the use of various advantageous life skills, tools, techniques and tips for healing oneself and enhancing lifestyle experiences.

3. Educate, inform and promote an organic, wholesome nutrient rich and balanced diet for disease prevention and to maintain optimal health.
4. Seek and provide solutions for personal and global issues.

5. Challenge limiting and dogmatic belief systems.

6. Share inspiring, empowering and thought provoking true stories.

7. Interview and hold discussions with the professionals on relevant topics

8. Eight is the number of abundance. Pure Spirit recognises and acknowledges that the most important form of abundance is health on all levels Mind, body, heart and soul. Health is the most important and powerful form of wealth. When all aspects of oneself are working in balance with nature and in alignment with Natural Law, ones life naturally flows in a positive and much more productive direction. In further acknowledging and flowing with the natural order of life and existence, the pure spirit offers the gift of giving and sharing and without attachment to seeking rewards. Therefore, all that is given and shared here is free. If you benefit and wish to exchange a donation of gratitude, your offering will be greatly appreciated and used wisely towards the effort to keep the Great work rolling and paying it forward.

About the creator of Pure Spirit Savvy –

Dee was called to train in the American Indian tradition of Shaman Healing after graduating with a diploma in Holistic Living Counselling. Her certifications and the development of many skills and qualifications are a work in progress. (Refer to Dee’s Bio) They include numerous healing techniques and extend to astrology, numerology, tarot and facilitating classes and courses. Dee established her private practice in 2002. The practice was linked to the retail side of her existing business and shortly after, the business was awarded the winner in the ‘retail section of the districts Small Business Awards.

Dee is also a qualified Journalist and her passion for writing led to a position with a local independent newspaper for 2 years in which Dee created her very own monthly feature called ‘Savvy, Mind, Body and Spirit.’ “This provided a successful advertising avenue for all of our local practitioners whilst enabling them with an opportunity to educate the public about the benefits of their modalities and practices.”

Currently, Dee is devoted to living a healthy, balanced and free spirited existence through following her creative passions and “walking the talk.” In April 2017, Dee left her home town in Northern Victoria and travelled up the East Coast of Australia in what some have affectionately called “the Barbie Mobile.” By the end of 2017 Dee was touring tropical North Queensland. She has since settled (for now at least) in the most heavenly paradise on earth with a mission to create and educate.