Dee’s Travel Vlog

In March 2017, Dee embarked on a whole new life of adventure. Her life would change drastically when she walked away from the status quo of conventional living and freed herself in order to pursue “life experience” rather than “things.” Working an unfulfilling 9-5 job to pay the mortgage and mounting debts that come with keeping a home and a comfortable lifestyle in a rural town was not at all fulfilling and was a far cry from Dee’s ideal of living a healthy and balanced existence. “Rather it became a battle of survival. My stuff owned me and my existence became a consistent work in keeping depression at bay.”

Like so many rural Australian towns, Dee’s home town is rife with high unemployment, alcoholism, drug abuse and related crime. What was once seen as an ideal environment to raise a family had in the last six years become a prison like hell – intolerable and impossible. “I was miserable, had been for years now and so was everybody else around me, unless they were high on some substance or living in complete denial of reality. “Taking action and taking myself away from all of that is proving to be a wise choice. I am ‘living’ again rather than merely surviving the hellhole. Living my life on the road brings constant change in every way, scenes, people, places and experiences. Life is always exciting, there is always something new to look forward to and being bogged down in a rut is now a thing of the past. I am still young and fit enough to do anything and everything I want to and everywhere I go the Grey Nomads tell me their biggest regret is that they didn’t do this when they were my age.”

Dee’s journey as a Digital Nomad starts here


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