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Dee’s Travel Vlog

On the 19th April 2017, Dee began a whole new adventurous journey that would radically change her life forever. She bid farewell to her home town Echuca, on the border of Victoria and New South Wales and drove off into the sunset to travel indefinitely around Australia solo. Dee’s new home is a 2013 model Sunliner RV and anywhere she chooses to camp. 8 metres long, “the Rig” (as she calls it) has all of the mod cons, comforts and conveniences of a house including a washing machine, which doubles as a bedside table. Naturally everything in the rig is more compact and built on a smaller scale, but all of her needs are definitely met. 019


Dee “flat tows” a Grand Vitara Suzuki behind the rig, which provides all of the freedom and convenience one could possibly want to really live the dream of being an independent ‘free spirit.’ She is inspired and motivated to live a way of life that is more on the ‘minimalist’ side of living, rather than the ‘materialist’ side, but is doing it in style by maintaining a high standard of luxury and comfort. The ‘less is more’ dynamic is definitely at play in her experience as she firmly advocates the notion that all too often our “stuff” ends up owning us when we accumulate too much of it and have far more than we could possibly need. Successfully living a truely free existence is in making the decision to let go of material things that simply aren’t needed or required. The elimination process can be a very liberating experience in itself and leaves you feeling so much lighter, purified and with a great sense of relief particularly if you have hoarded a whole lot of clutter and have debt attached to that stuff.

Throughout this travel vlog, Dee shares the highs as well as the lows and pros and cons of the experience often spiced with a dash of humour. Whilst sharing the awe inspiring sights with viewers, she includes tips and solutions for living economically and off the grid free camping. If you are working aged and think you will have to wait until retirement to pursue the gypsy / nomadic lifestyle, then watch, listen and learn as Dee will inspire you to do it now with plenty of hot ideas and tips for cashing in on your creative abilities, skills and talents through using technology, internet and/or your will and desire to offer your products or services wherever you go on the road. digital-nomad-lifestyle-1024

Dee’s background in business and finance may be helpful to those who could do with some budgeting tips. In keeping with the “holistic” approach to healthy living Dee is always sharing the tips, tools and techniques to create a balanced lifestyle through empowering and thought provoking wisdom.

Join Dee on this exciting journey and be inspired to experience the metamorphosis of change and an alternative way of living.


Walking Miracle Man

In 1995 Equine Breeder Brian Rossiter’s life was drastically changed forever when a road accident almost claimed his life. “I was thirty-two and married with two children at the time,” Brian explains. “I was working on a farm in Northern Victoria. The farm spanned both sides of the Murray Valley highway and I was riding a motorbike attempting to cross to the other side, as I had done six times already that day.”

Brian “gave way” at the highway then proceeded to cross when he thought the coast was clear. However, he had failed to see the green colored Ford approaching. “A road sign had blocked my view and the color of the car blended in with the road,” Brian said. I remember rising up on the stirrups of the bike and seeing a cloud of smoke from the burning rubber when the driver hit the skids seconds before impact.”

Brian was hit on the left side with such a force that the motor of the bike was pushed out. He was flung into the windscreen of the car and then catapulted thirty meters down the road. “I wasn’t wearing a helmet, (I never did whilst working on the farm) and I landed on my head.”
Brian was knocked unconscious and the next thing he remembers is waking up face down in the gravel. “I had a mouthful of gravel and I tried to roll over, but felt an instant sensation change in my body and realized I couldn’t move.” By this stage the ambulance, police and onlookers had gathered at the scene. “I recognized a few familiar faces,” Brian continues, “and then blood started to run into my eyes. I’m cut, I’m bleeding! I said and someone replied, ‘Oh no it’s worse than that!’ It was the last thing I needed to hear.”

Brian was taken by ambulance to the local hospital before being airlifted to Melbourne. He had sustained major injuries including a broken T5 vertebrae, required 150 stitches to his head, had a broken ankle and was severely grazed and bruised around the face and other parts of his body. The pressure from spinal swelling crushed Brian’s spinal cord, paralyzing him from the chest down.

“Three weeks after the accident I started to realize the possibility that I may never walk again. The doctor was telling me that no two people and their injuries are the same and it couldn’t be predicted what the outcome would be for me. I was pricked with pins in the feet daily for six weeks to see if any feeling had returned and was told that any change in my condition would be in minuscule amounts.

“I played a lot of sport before the accident and my job was very physical. To face the reality that I may never walk again left me feeling that life was so cruel and hard.” Brian was hospitalized in Melbourne for three months before returning home to the country where he continued to make a slow and arduous recovery. Before the accident Brian couldn’t swim, but swimming therapy soon became part of his recovery regime, along with physiotherapy and acupuncture.

It was ten months before Brian could walk unaided, but damage to his muscles and nerves remains to this day. “I’m what they call an incomplete paraplegia,” Brian explains. “The muscle and nerve damage causes an abnormal sensation in my body and sends incorrect messages to the brain. I may feel like I’m standing on ice and I have to override this message from my brain and tell myself that I’m not, though my feet will be cold due to poor circulation, but not frozen as my brain would have me believe.”

It was almost a year after the accident before Brian was able to gradually ease his way back to work at the farm. “I was so fit and used to run all day at work and I enjoyed it, but my days of feeling indestructible were gone. When I started back at work I was working the phones and I had no idea what I was going to do in the long term and it was so depressing. And then my marriage (of fourteen years) broke up and I lost my kids. This sent me into a deeper depression. I was just starting to get back into life and now I was experiencing another loss,” Brian said. “I lived like a hermit for about a year and acquired a great love of whiskey. I was a mess and it was at this stage that I bottomed out and couldn’t go any lower.”

Brian said turning to the bottle seems to be the macho thing to do in our culture and he’d drink a bottle of whiskey a night and pass out. “It was escapism and numbed both my physical and emotional pain, but I soon got stuck in this cycle of drinking in an attempt to avoid confronting the pain.” After a while however, Brian realized the whiskey drinking had to stop because it wasn’t solving his problems and with dreams to aspire to he had to pull himself out of the cycle. “I started to go to the gym every morning, joined the Landcare group, met new people and got involved in things I would never have done before the accident. I have a lot more patience and tolerance now.”

Life gradually began to improve and then Brian went to France for two months to learn about artificial insemination. He returned home to a laboratory job on the farm and with his independence restored he started to get to know and like himself and develop a love of life once more. “I got addicted to traveling and traveled the world in search of the love of my life and it turned out that she was only a mile down the road all along,” Brian said smiling at his partner Kristine across the table.

Brian said, “You can wallow in self pity, but no matter what has happened to you, you can work with it. Life will go on until the day you die so you may as well be involved in it. I value my time a lot more now and am not as fanatical about work. Before the accident I thought I’d die without my work. Now I work on my life, rather than live to work.”

Dee’s Bio

Brief Bio

Dee’s Practice in the Alternative Healing industry began in 2002 providing Holistic Counselling / Coaching, psychic readings, various healing therapies and services. She also facilitates personal, spiritual and psychic development courses to share the knowledge, ‘tools of the trade’ and techniques with students. Further training and development in shamanic healing and the emotional freedom technique (EFT) was integrated into her practice a few years later.

A passionate writer Dee was fortunate enough to attract a freelance Journalist / Editor position in 2005 for an independent local monthly newspaper. Dee consequently took the opportunity to also write the horoscopes and to create a 4-8 page extra feature within the newspaper which she called Savvy Mind, Body & Soul – a guide to balanced health and well-being. This feature proved to be a great success and became a regular edition.

In 2008 Dee added yet another leg to her business working with other small to medium sized businesses assisting them in the financial area initially. However, Dee would often find herself wearing a number of different hats within some of these businesses when the owners discovered her numerous talents and skills to do everything from counselling to sales.

The exposure to numerous businesses/industries and the many challenges these businesses face, sparked Dee’s interests in global economics, politics and the financial system, which led to extensive investigative research and the subsequent revealing of the “dark agendas” and plans the psychopathic rulers of the world are implementing and have in store for humanity.

Consequently Dee has since added a few more hats to the list – Humanitarian, Freedom Activist and Truth Warrior. “Everything is linked. One thing has led to another and I have acquired the tools, skills and knowledge which I am now consolidating, utilizing and sharing with all of those who care enough to help themselves, hear the truth, see the truth of our reality and are prepared to take a pro-active approach in fulfilling their purpose, transforming this world into the heavenly state it is potentially destined to be – if we are all willing to heal ourselves, transcend our own dark shadows and work together to heal this planet of the destructive insanity disease. I offer my services and informative videos as a means for inspiration, motivation, education and empowerment with all pure intention and in good faith that humanity will collectively break the chains of enslavement and servitude to the dark forces, evolve into higher consciousness, embrace the true state of freedom and sovereignty as nature intended and align with our birth right.

“I gratefully and warmly extend my appreciation and offer an olive branch to the numerous teachers, warriors, visionaries, wayshowers and kindred spirits who have/are courageously undertaking the Great Work and continue to inspire me through their positive example.”


Extended Version

Born in Melbourne Australia Dee’s formal training in holistic medicine, healing and living began in the year 2000 with a Level 1 Reiki course. (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy” is a ‘hands on healing’ practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Dee was attuned to Reiki through Dr Stephen Fawcett a Reiki Master who is the 5th in the line of succession of masters trained under Mikao Usui.

Dee met Dr Fawcett when she attended his yoga class. It was one of those chance meetings that occurred in divine timing as Dee’s friend Maureen, who is the Matron of one of the States’ hospitals, had been playing a part in initiating Dee’s future healing career through teaching her a thing or two about metaphysics and encouraging Dee to do a Reiki course.

Around the time she met Maureen in the mid 90’s, Dee had extensively been studying, researching and investigating everything related to preventative medicine, nutrition, chemical free products, vaccines, the history of the pharmaceutical industry and the Big Pharma conspiracy. The study of metaphysics was like a natural progression for her and sparked an interest in the healing arts. At this stage Dee considered herself a ‘closet’ spiritualist. A natural born psychologist the ‘go to’ person for support and a compassionate listening ear to everybody around her, Dee had been keeping her “all things spiritual and mystical” interests to herself out of fear of being ostracized and misunderstood.

Dee’s interest in these subjects originated from a need to search for answers and understanding to many of life’s unanswered questions. Dee had been raised from birth in an American founded ‘cult’ religion, in which she was (by the age of fourteen) becoming increasingly ostracized due to the unjust accusation that she was a willful and rebellious teen who asked too many questions. Questions they could not answer, dismissed outright or retaliated to with contempt. This reaction together with the church’s preaching’s only prompted more questions.

Dee is rather sharp witted and noticed that in recent years the dictates from the ministry were becoming increasingly absurd. Parents did nothing without first consulting the ministry to ask permission to do the simplest things such as ear-piercing. Dee was fully convinced that the church founder Herbert W Armstrong, an old man in his nineties, had gone totally senile when he linked make-up to prostitution, manipulated a passage in the bible to support his argument and banned the congregation from wearing makeup and dying their hair. The moment the service finished around two hundred woman made a speedy exit to the bathroom to wash off their makeup. When Dee finally reached the mirror she boldly applied more makeup to the shock and horror of the other woman who shot her with disgusted looks. Dee returned their glares thinking, ‘What a weak and pathetic flock of brainless sheep they are,’ as she exited the bathroom in a gleeful waltz feeling like she was on an all so powerful high.

Back home Dee announced to her mother she would not be returning to the church. “Mum was a very domineering force who hadn’t matured past the psychological age of an adolescent and could never be reasoned with. We were constantly doing battle with one another. She was a staunch Royalist and I had grown up being brow beaten with royal and religious propaganda and hypocrisy, all of which I vehemently opposed and no amount of factual knowledge that I had offered forth, had swayed her allegiance to the Queen or the church. So in this case I simply said, “If makeup comes from prostitution, then that makes your beloved queen a prostitute.”

For once her mother was silenced. Around the same time mother was forced by the school to sign Dee out. She was still some weeks away from turning fifteen – the legal age to leave school. A meeting had occurred prior and it had been decided that since Dee had barely shown up at school all term it was pointless to try and keep her there since all attempts to force her back into the classroom had been futile. Dee rejoiced at her new found freedom from what she considered to be mere prisons. She felt incredibly powerful now … just for a little while until the fear crept in. This was far too much power for a girl her age to reasonably control. So the power was shoved down again and Dee conformed to the workplace which didn’t feel much different to how it was at church and school.

Later Dee would discover of her own accord that she actually had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and education as long as it stimulated her inquisitive mind. During her own research around cancer, she discovered that cancer is a ‘deficiency disease.’ In the 70’s the same year her father had died from cancer, only two weeks before her fifth birthday, studies and trials had shown Vitamin B17 cures cancer but this information had instantly been suppressed by the FDA.

Dr Fawcett, a cellular biologist had specialized in Cancer research until he realized the whole cancer industry ‘is a scam.’ He’d left the industry prior to meeting Dee and was now a practicing Chinese Medicine Doctor and a Reiki Master. Dee was curiously fascinated and pleasantly surprised to discover this – here was two ‘mainstream medicine’ people she knew who were now practicing and teaching her all about the alternative. Their example gave Dee the confidence boost she was lacking to formally acknowledge and pursue her passions. However, it took Dee about another year practicing reiki on herself and family before she ever dared to mention ‘reiki’ or offer a session to a friend.

2001 – Dee’s interests in, passions and thirst for knowledge in all of the topics mentioned above were snowballing and consistently expanding to a point in which Dee could no longer contain it all in secret. Like having an itch that you can’t scratch she was searching for an outlet to this gnawing feeling that there was something she was supposed to be doing with all of this knowledge and information she’d discovered, but what exactly would she do?

She’d read a number of Louise Hays books and often wondered about these ‘alternative’ type counsellors Louise mentioned in her books. If there was one thing Dee was clear about it was that she was definitely not interested in pursuing a career in ‘conventional’ counselling. If an alternative type counsellor who practiced holistic therapies existed then that would be the direction Dee would take.

Once again divine timing and a chance meeting occurred. Dee had gained a diploma in comprehensive writing in 1996. Writing continues to be another one of Dee’s passions and so she was naturally delighted to be attending the very first meeting of a new local writers group that was being formed. It was at this meeting she met a young woman who happened to give her a copy of an “alternative” magazine she’d never seen before. Dee smiled in awe at the synchronicity of the universe when she opened the magazine and saw a big advertisement for ‘Holistic Living Counselling Institute’

The moment Alannah Dore the Holistic Living Counselling course facilitator answered the phone Dee felt like she was talking to a long lost friend. They chatted extensively and by the end of the conversation Dee knew exactly what she would be doing the following year in 2002.

9/11… Dee woke up to the horrific news that planes had hit the twin towers and both towers had collapsed. She sat glued to the television and relayed the whole replay over the phone to her partner. “Bullshit!” she snarled in disbelief.  “The buildings just went down like a demolition. There wasn’t even any fire beneath where the planes actually hit. How the fuck is that even possible?”

Dee knew this would lead to war. She’d already been quietly concerned since the early 90’s about escalating troubles in the Middle East advancing into WW3. It was no surprise to her when the US soldiers were deployed and Dee could see that 9/11 was used as a justification to invade and steal the oil. She wrote rather a controversial piece about it and shared it with her writers group. They were all stunned into silence and no one dared to comment.

Prior to travelling to Melbourne to meet with Alannah in person and enrol in the counselling course, Dee had taken a five week camping trip with her family travelling through central Australia to Darwin. An overnight stay and exploration of the opal mining town ‘Coober Pedy’ sparked a whole new interest for Dee when she learnt all about how the opals were discovered and mined. “I was totally fascinated and gobsmacked by these discoveries and what I learned from the education and mine tours. Coober Pedy is the most fascinating place I have ever been to. A cousin of mine had given me an amethyst pendent a couple of years earlier and she had told me a bit about the healing properties of gems. I was curious but I hadn’t really taken what she’d said very seriously until now.”

Coober Pedy is located in a desolate hole that stretches for thousands of miles. It’s where they filmed Mad Max. Above ground you are looking at a town that renders the word ‘shanty’ far too inadequate to really describe this place. Driving down the main street I’m noticing bars on all the shop windows and then a native fella jay walked out in front of us surrounded by his ten unleashed dogs and sent us into a screaming halt. “He’s so black he’s purple,” my partner said. Unless you have actually ventured ‘outback Australia,’ you have rarely if ever actually seen a full blood original Aussie. “I’m not staying in this hole,” declares the ten year old in the backseat who had done nothing but whine for the last two thousand kilometres.

Underground in the gem filled caverns however the tune immediately changed. “Like entering a crystal palace I nearly collapsed in awe at the magnificence of these huge boulders with the most prettiest and brilliant colours. I sensed the magic, felt my energy skyrocket into another dimension – it was literally like I had stepped into another world. Armed with a whole new appreciation for gems a new business venture idea was forming in my mind.”

By the end of 2002 Dee’s whole lifestyle was completely transformed and she had become a superwoman. She’d not only completed a certificate in small business management, graduated from the Holistic Living Counselling Institute course which had included psychic development, training in numerous modalities including crystal therapy, studies in astrology and numerology, but also established her business Divine Energies, a crystal and gift shop in the heart of the tourist precinct of her rural town. The superwoman role however had taken its toll and the day Dee opened the shop in September she got a severe bout of the flu.


Early 2003 – The consulting rooms out the back of the shop were ready for use and Dee was now offering her counselling, coaching, numerous healing services, personal, spiritual and psychic development classes and fulfilling demands for psychic readings. “My business became the talk of the town – some good, some not so good. I suppose it didn’t help that a black cat had wandered into the shop and made itself at home on the counter. The customers were coming in and doing a double take. And this consequently led some to refer to my shop as the ‘Witches shop.’

Other than a couple of similar type shops that had come and gone over the years and other than the Chiropractors, a couple of naturopaths and one health food shop, no-one else had ever offered services like mine in town before and certainly not professionally and in full public view. A backward town in as far as having business’ and services with heart and soul promoting holistic health and wellbeing I was pioneering along with very few others. A popular holiday destination, my town is the place people come to party, drink and gamble. I call it Victoria’s Surfer’s Paradise or the mini Las Vegas. It rates high on the statistics list for domestic violence, has the highest licensed venues per capita in the nation and is generally completely lacking in pure energy.”

Dee’s business soon became the place to call into for a coffee, chat and to soak up the crystal energy. She had big plans and visions of where she was going to take this business and only ten months into it she won the major business achievement award from the Economic Development Board. Dee considered this one big tick of approval for the alternative industry and of course the award swiftly silenced her critics.

Soon after Dee had opened the shop she had started to experience some bizarre and unexplained events. Just about every day there would be some kind of out of the ordinary happening and / or people visiting. “I could write a whole book on all of the experiences that occurred over the course of eighteen months in that shop, which was actually housed in one of the first cottages, built when the town was founded in 1853.” Whilst Dee was still in training as a counsellor and in the process of psychic development the year before, she’d had a vision of this future business, seen the shop with its entry through glass French doors and had psychically toured the inside of the building and noted that this had once been a home in the historic part of town. After the vision Dee had walked that strip of town searching for the building with the French entry doors. There were two, one was an actual shop adjoining others and the other was the stand alone cottage further down the street.

The current business, a souvenir shop operating out of the cottage just happened to be up for sale. Dee had never actually been inside this building before. She went in and had a chat to the business owner who was happy to give her a tour out the back of the shop. Dee instantly knew this was the building she’d seen in her vision. There was the old fire place on the left backing onto the shop wall just as she’d psychically seen it and the original floor plan fit the vision. Dee bought the existing business for a small amount, renamed it, completely revamped and redecorated the building.

“Twice I was visited by a Scotsman (short in stature) who seemingly just appeared in the shop from nowhere. I had a buzzer on the doorway to let me know the second somebody entered the shop and I had a clear view of the entrance from the counter where I was sitting. However he had simply appeared before me without warning and took me by surprise. He asked me to explain ‘Divine Energies’ (the name of my shop.) ‘The crystals,’ I replied.”

“Aye, I get wherde comin’ from.” He informed me that he never believed in ‘supernatural phenomena’ until this one day when he was walking through the fair-grounds with a young mate of his – a stone mason. A gypsy woman sitting at her stall nearby spotted them, ‘Hey you, the stone mason, come over here. I have a message for you.’ The two men hesitated momentarily, wondering how the hell she knew the young bloke was a stone mason. “You are fascinated by the Apprentice Pillar in the Roslin Chapel,” she said, “and the legend, yes?”

 Originally called the “Prince’s Pillar the name morphed over time due to a legend dating from the 18th century, involving the master mason in charge of the stonework in the chapel and his young apprentice mason. According to the legend, the master mason did not believe that the apprentice could perform the complicated task of carving the column without seeing the original which formed the inspiration for the design.

The master mason travelled to see the original himself, but upon his return was enraged to find that the upstart apprentice had completed the column by himself. In a fit of jealous anger, the master mason took his mallet and struck the apprentice on the head, killing him. The legend concludes that as punishment for his crime, the master mason’s face was carved into the opposite corner to forever gaze upon his apprentice’s pillar.

Apprentice Pillar.jpg      On the architrave joining the pillar there is an inscription, Forte est vinum fortior est rex fortiores sunt mulieres super omnia vincit veritas: “Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women are stronger still, but truth conquers all” 

“Ye,” the stone mason shyly admitted. He was totally fascinated by the pillar and the legend.

“You are the “Apprentice” reincarnated,” the gypsy informed him.

Dee was always delighted to take time out of her busy schedule to hear a good yarn and the Scotsman then produced a pile of photos from his back pack. “This me home back in Scotland.” It was an amazing thatched roof structure that had taken him twenty years of craftsmanship to build. He’d even carved the timber toilet seat! Dee was gobsmacked for the dwelling looked like something out of ‘Lord of the Rings.’ He wrote his address and phone number on the back of the photo and gave it to her. “If ye come to Scotland, do visit me,” he insisted.

Another customer entered the shop then, distracting Dee momentarily. She turned back to ask the Scotsman if he’d wait for a minute whilst she served the other customer, but he’d vanished – just like that gone until he visited again a few weeks later arriving and leaving in the same magical kind of way.

Then there were the crystals that just happened to disappear only to reappear weeks later. One such crystal was the amethyst pendent (the gift from the cousin) that fell from its chain around Dee’s neck. Dee heard the crystal hit the floor boards in the kitchen at the back of the shop, stopped to pick it up but couldn’t find it. Dee got her staff involved in the search to no avail and tipped them off to pay extra attention when they vacuumed in that area next. You would surely hear it if the vacuum sucked it up the metal pipe. Six weeks later the pendent was found by a family member, on the floor exactly where it had disappeared. Dee was later informed that crystals often disappear when they need to be cleansed.

And then the drought struck.

A drought that lasted ten long years, causing on-going devastating effects for the local farming and small business community. Dee’s most supportive customers and clients were farmers. Once the drought hit however they were running up huge debts just to keep their livestock fed. They would appear in Dee’s shop noticeably distressed, exhausted and craving the crystal energy. “I had heard it said that when the prime producers suffer, everybody suffers. But since I’d grown up in the city I hadn’t actually understood what that meant until now.”

Drought and then the Sars outbreak, a drop in the Australian dollar all creating a huge loss in tourism the whole district was economically on a downward spiral and on top of it all Dee’s relationship had come to an end.

Unable to afford to keep both staff members Dee was forced to work a 7 day week. This soon began to take its toll and was so adverse to the balanced lifestyle of holistic living she was attempting to live by. The bizarre and unexplained events continued to unfold and many of them were not at all pleasant. Dee was grasping at straws trying to figure it all out. One day she was talking to a friend on the phone. She informed Dee, she’d been suicidal – until she’d visited a Shaman. The friend insisted that the shaman had literally saved her life. Dee asked what the shaman did exactly to heal her. The response sounded a little out there and weird, Dee thought, at least it would to most people. But to Dee it made perfect sense. The shaman had treated her friends’ trauma through ‘soul retrieval’. “I’m training as a shaman next,” Dee declared. “Though it won’t be for some time yet, I’ve got enough to do already.”

A few weeks later Dee was back on the phone to her friend, “Please give me the number of the shaman woman you went to see, I’ve got to go see her. I just did a medicine card spread and it’s pointing to a shaman’s initiation, death and rebirth. I think I’m going crazy. I can’t explain all of these really strange things that keep happening and I don’t understand any of it. I’m exhausted, feel like I’m dying. I need answers, but I’m scared she’ll have me committed to a loony bin. This shaman woman is a former psychiatric nurse you said? If I tell her what I’ve been experiencing I’m going to sound like a crazy person.”

Far from having Dee “committed” the Shaman Claire had confirmed by the end of the session that Dee was indeed an initiating Shaman and was experiencing a ‘shaman’s death.’ “It is a calling,” Claire explained. “You were born this way and have been selected for your psychic and healing abilities. The death is symbolic. It’s a death of the ego, teaching you humility so that you may heal purely from a heart space. If you do not develop your gifts however the power will consume you, turn you insane or kill you.”

Dee was floored, so many questions racing through her mind. “And here I was thinking that to be a shaman simply meant to learn another modality.”

“You have been going through the initiation tests,” Claire continued. “This is why you haven’t been receiving any confirmation for your insights and visions. You are being tested to trust what you see and feel.”

“Does this mean that I have to be a vegan….? Celibate too?” Dee quizzed dreading the response.

“Eating meat will actually be grounding for you. Abstaining from sex at least during the initial initiations will be useful for turning the sexual energy into spiritual energy.”

Claire led a reluctant Dee through a trance journey in which she soon relaxed into the moment she was met by an extraordinary looking and very handsome young Native American man. He had long black hair flowing over his bare shoulders and chest, a black stripe painted across his face, a band around the top of his right bicep with a feather attached and a silvery white wolf sat by his side. His name is White Hawk. Dee instantly fell in love.

Suddenly it was all starting to make some sense. Dee now knew why she’d been so fascinated by Indians her entire life, was so interested in their culture and philosophies, longed to go squat in a tepee to listen to the wise ones speak, why as a child she often plaited her hair and role played as an Indian, hated the cowboys and barracked for the Indians in the movies. She’d been here before with White Hawk – in another life a long time ago. This was like coming home.

White Hawk led Dee to a nearby cave and directed her to lie upon a rock block. He told her that her energy was depleted and he sprinkled herbs upon her. She saw energy aspects (the ego) leaving her body. She stood up and looked down at herself. She was dressed in traditional native Indian attire, long plaits flowed either side, a thick beaded bracelet on her wrist. Intuitively Dee knew she had just been prepared for and was ready to be presented to the tribe for her shaman initiation ceremony – and then she heard the sharp drum strikes beckoning her to return to the present day.

Claire gave Dee a copy of the drumming CD used to induce the trance for journeying. “Be disciplined about it,” Claire strictly instructed. “You will be trained in the ways of the shaman. Journey daily and journal your experiences.”

The next day when Dee journeyed she found herself standing before the tribe. A male tribal elder, cut off one of her plaits and held it up for all to see. The whole tribe yahooed in rejoice and then Dee levitated above the crowd and peered down upon them. The feast began and she inhaled the smoke and scent of roasting meat. Dancing, singing and drums echoed through the air. As the celebration continued throughout the night Dee realised she hadn’t seen White Hawk. She looked up to the overhanging rock and saw him standing silhouetted in the light of the moon with his wolf beside him. She went to be with him. “What is my name?” she quizzed.

“White Eagle,” he responded. He embraced her tightly and kissed her intensely like a long lost lover. “Now we can be together forever.”

2004 – Five neighbouring businesses including one that was 30 years old, all closed their doors for the last time by winter. Dee closed in April and there would be dozens more to follow. Closing the shop had been a really tough call for Dee as she was still in the planning and development process when virtually overnight she had to consider closing and watch all of her dreams and goals evaporate. Rarely a quitter Dee had spent some months in indecision. She’d maintained a friendship with Alannah Dore and discussed her options with her one day. Alannah wisely stated, “Part of being a good business person is to know when to quit.” That was all Dee needed to hear and as it turned out it was the best piece of advice she had ever taken. Dee was exhausted from the emotional drain of the relationship breakdown, combined with the business workload and the gruelling shaman initiations she had worked herself into a state of chronic fatigue and in truth had no energy left to continue.

No one could have known how long the drought was going to last. Many a business operator kept borrowing against their homes in order to keep their businesses afloat and many ended up losing their homes and businesses right up to and well past the end of the drought. Everybody was drained, exhausted and the whole town fell into a state of depression. To this day some of the businesses that survived the drought still aren’t back to the profit margins they had prior to 2004, small business continues to evaporate and many shops remain empty.

Dee continued providing her services from home in a limited capacity. Talking to people over the counter at the shop had brought her much of her business, now she was reliant on expensive advertising which proved to be rather fruitless. It wasn’t until much later Dee could start appreciating why things were unfolding the way they were. Dee was experiencing both the traditional shaman initiations through journeying and the modern day shaman initiations simultaneously. She would not wish this upon her worst enemy. She learnt that it is rare for modern day initiates to survive this or to complete the transformation with their sanity intact. A few of Dee’s closest friends were convinced she was suicidal. “I don’t need to kill myself,” she’d respond. “This thing I am going through is going to kill me anyway.”

Traditionally the initiate was subjected to some vile things like being spat upon by the whole tribe in order to break the will of the ego and transform the initiate into a humble state of being. White Eagle was challenged to confront her fears through being buried in the earth up to her neck and was left there alone all night long fully unprotected in the wilderness. (Months later Dee read about this in a book and confirmed this was indeed a common practice of the tribal people.) White Hawk, who was also an initiating shaman, had secretly come to comfort her that night. The next day however the elders reprimanded them. They told White Hawk that he had weakened White Eagle’s courage through going to comfort her. Consequently White Eagle had a noose placed around her neck, White Hawk mounted his horse and dragged her behind across miles of open country, forcing her to run to keep up.

It was on the fourth day of journeying back in 2003 that Dee discovered that White Hawk and Mark, who she met in 1999 are one in the same soul. “He too is a healer and I was inspired by his work prior to training as a counsellor. The first time I met him and we gazed eye to eye momentarily at one another I knew we had a past life connection, more than one actually I had discovered through regression. We have been following each other around since the stone age.

“This time around, Mark role played the ‘catalyst’ whose presence in my life at the time had triggered some deep passions within me that had been oppressed and I was totally unaware of – until a few months after I opened the business. I was standing there in the shop marveling at my success and declaring, ‘Wow, I’ve got it all now,’ when I got the wake up call which hit me like lightening, a bolt straight to my heart. Instantly I realized that I didn’t have it all. I had it all except for my deepest passionate desire – to be with the one true love.”

Mark and Dee had a platonic friendship and whilst Dee never did tell him about their past life connections, they had delivered some important messages to one another. White Hawk had said, “You must remind me of who I am,” and for a split second his face changed and Dee was looking at Mark. Shaman Claire was not surprised at all when Dee shared this news with her. “Well then,” she said. “You had better do as he asked.”

Dee was trying to figure out how she was supposed to go about reminding Mark of who he is, when the guidance was intuitively fourth coming. She was to teach Mark how to journey. Mark was noticeably impressed by the experience, though his was nothing like Dee’s journey experiences. He raved about it to a mutual friend of theirs who was training as a psychotherapist and consequently she insisted Dee teach her how to journey also.

Later, another one of Dee’s journey’s revealed that White Eagle had foreseen her death during one of her “underworld” journey’s. She and White Hawk were captured by three cowboys. Dee instantly recognized the soul of one of them, being Mark’s wife…. The cowboys tied White Hawk to a rock and molested White Eagle in front of him before they murdered them both. Distressed, White Eagle shared this vision with the elders. “You must accept your fate,” they had told her. “You will return as shaman again when white man is more accepting of our ways.”

One’s whole perception about ‘reality’ changes once you discover how we are all connected, that the soul never dies and merely transforms, karmic consequences will always come back to be dealt with and healed. Life is an endless cycle of deaths and rebirths. The fear of death soon evaporates and is seen as a welcomed relief the moment that life becomes a living hell.

“I vividly recall that winters day in 2004 when I had reached my breaking point. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I was mentally walking the very fine line between insanity and genius. The choice presented itself, life, death or insanity. I instantly eliminated insanity as an option, I’d sooner be dead than take that path. I thought about how far I had come, so far now that it would be such a waste to just shrivel up and die. But I couldn’t take anymore either. ‘Surrender,’ whispered my intuition. ‘Just surrender.'”

2005 –  It took eighteen months for Dee to recover from the chronic fatigue. One weekend she travelled to Melbourne to visit her friend Jen, a naturopath who had opened her new business just as Dee was closing hers. Jen was busy at work when Dee arrived. “There’s a psychologist upstairs who’s teaching the Emotional Freedom Technique to a class this weekend. She’s starting the intro to the course shortly. If you are interested you can go check it out.”

(Emotional Freedom Techniques (or EFT) is an emotional healing technique, which is based on a revolutionary discovery that violates most of the beliefs of conventional psychology. It contends that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.)

It never ceased to amaze Dee, each and every one of her teachers had originally been, or still were ‘conventional’ health professionals. During this EFT course she learnt that two of the attendees were the Directors of two of Melbourne’s major hospitals.

By the end of her first session practicing EFT Dee was fully healed from a major core issue that had troubled her throughout her entire life. She had already worked through many layers and levels of this issue of parental abandonment and neglect as a child, through applying the other therapies she had learnt to date, but the root of the issue persisted and had consistently undermined her self-esteem and sense of worth.

By the end of the course that weekend Dee concluded that EFT rendered obsolete many of the longer healing processes she’d been using. EFT clears the blocks instantly, just like when you unkink the garden hose and allow the water to flow freely once again. “I have successfully used EFT with many clients and students since then treating and healing everything from physical pain like sciatica to emotional and spiritual trauma (PTSD)

“The most perfect thing about EFT is that whilst occasionally you may need some assistance to resolve a really deep and destructive issue or major ailment, once you learn the technique you have a tool for life in healing yourself of just about anything and everything, eliminate negative beliefs, overcome limitations all without the need for anything but the EFT recipe. This is the number one most empowering and powerfully effective technique I have discovered.”

Yet again Dee had another one of those timely chance meetings, this time with the publisher of an independent monthly Newspaper which was distributed in his local town an hour and a half away. He was about to launch a new edition of the newspaper in Dee’s town, going in competition with the only media network (that he’d formally worked for as an editor) which had a stranglehold on all local news and advertising (other than TV and radio.) “Initially I thought I would simply be contributing an article or two – that was before Andrew actually saw my first two articles which I gave him to proofread.”

“There’s only one problem,” Andrew smirked when he’d finished reading Dee’s work. “You are a better writer than I am.”

Literally overnight Dee became the Chief Editor of her local edition. She was writing half of the paper including business advertorials and even the monthly horoscopes, which Andrew also published in his local edition. Both Andrew and Dee loved nothing more than to expose corruption, write thought provoking and controversial pieces about everything from the education system to politics. They were getting tipped off from numerous sources including local council members providing them with the inside scoop.

Part of Dee’s remuneration package was free advertising of her healing services. And then Dee came up with the brilliant idea to run a special ‘lift out feature’ which she called “Savvy Mind, Body & Soul.” Up until this point Dee had not been at all interested in selling advertising, but this feature was her special baby, she knew the industry she was targeting and spoke their lingo. Since Dee had won the business award she’d noticed that the flood gates had opened and suddenly the town had been inundated with every kind of therapist /practitioner offering just about every alternative modality in existence. But there was no adequate or affordable way for them to advertise or to educate and inform the public of the services they offered – until now. Dee blitzed Andrew’s advertising sales for the month with the very first Savvy edition and since the feature had well and truly paid for itself it became a regular feature.

2007- Dee started teaching a Natural Therapies course each term through her local Adult Education College. EFT, crystal therapy, chakra cleansing and balancing, ear candling, energy massage and meditation.

When another therapists asked Dee why she was teaching everyone the ‘tools of the trade’ Dee simply responded, “We do not heal anyone who doesn’t care to be healed. We merely facilitate the healing using the appropriate tools. If everybody has the tools and knows how to use them in order to treat themselves then humanity as a whole will be a healthy and empowered species. It is not our job to “fix” somebody else. Our job is to lead by example, share the knowledge and pass on the tools of empowerment so they can “fix” themselves.”

2008 – Dee’s career took yet another unexpected turn when she was pulled into working with mainstream businesses, providing services in the financial area. The newspaper had folded since the publisher had bought into yet another business, overworked himself and ended up in the hospital suffering a breakdown.

“I don’t understand this,” Dee complained to Alannah Dore. “I know what my purpose is. Have a pretty good idea of what my mission in life entails. This town is loaded with people who desperately need healing services but I am banging my head against a brick wall trying to drum enough business on that alone in order to feed myself and live. I don’t see the connection or relevance if there is one, to my having to go work in the mainstream, even if I do rather enjoy supporting others with their businesses and playing with other people’s money.”

Alannah laughed. “If you are always only working with spirit you will become too airy fairy. You need to be ‘grounded’ in reality in order to be balanced and affective.”

2013- The veil of illusion completely fell and Dee fully awakened.She had been piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle for years and now the final pieces had fallen into place. The dots all connected and she took the biggest leap in consciousness yet. Like crawling out from under a rock in the tiny part of the world she called home, Dee had woken up to the big wide world out there and discovered all of the hidden truths that had been lurking behind the very thin veil in plain sight all along. Being a Cancer ascendant she had been comfortable hiding out in her crab shell doing her best to protect herself from the darkness and evils of the world. Though Gaye, another Shaman who Dee met in 2004 had informed her then that she was a Star Seed. Dee hadn’t heard of the term before and on further investigation she came across a book entitled ‘The Light Shall Set You Free,’ which is all about Star Seeds and their mission in the world. Dee had come to discover that she was here to assist in exposing the dark forces, anchor the 5th dimensional energy, raise the consciousness of humanity and work in the creation of the new world.

It is a bit impossible to expose the dark forces if you aren’t aware of who the enemy is exactly and if you aren’t willing to face them first within yourself, only then can you deal with them out there more effectively. Dee had been doing a really good job facing her own dark shadows, however there was  something more that was about to slap her in the face at the beginning of 2013 and wake her up big-time with a start. The lesson was delivered rather harshly and coldly through one of those bad karmic soul connections. An extremely deceptive creature, he flew in briefly lied his arse off and flew out again – a literal fly by night!

Left hanging on the knife-edge Dee was reeling and felt terribly confused for some months. She literally felt like she had been touched by evil to the deepest core of her soul. But why had this particular deceiver affected her so profoundly? After all, liars and deceivers are everywhere and frequently crossed Dee’s path. An inner battle began. On one hand Dee was struggling to believe and accept the truth in what had occurred. Had she blown it all out of proportion? Surely no one could be that cruel and nasty for no apparent reason. And Dee so didn’t like to think the worst about anybody. On the other hand, yes people can be that cruel and deceptive for no apparent reason and to identify with the abuser and empathise with them, the term ‘Stockholm syndrome’ had been coined to define the unhealthy and disempowering condition.

A past life regression, together with a study of her and his astrological natal charts, confirmed and revealed that Dee had crossed paths with the ‘fly by night’ before. Actually she knew him in her last life, which had ended at the age of fifteen when he (an old man then who was a Mormon and intended to marry her) murdered her and another teenaged boy when he caught the teens fraternizing together. Dee had actually seen this past life scene before in a previous regression she had untaken a few years earlier after she had met and instantly recognised one of her own; (belonging to the same soul group.)

“I felt like I already knew him the moment I set eyes on him. In fact there was something so familiar about him that I thought perhaps I had actually met him before and he was looking back at me smiling as though he was thinking the same thing. So I walked right on up to him and started to say, “Have we met before?” And just as the words spilled from my mouth, psychically his name hit me. I’d heard the name mentioned earlier a couple of times by people and had been informed that they were talking about a former professional sports star. I tuned out since I have no interest in and actually detest his sport, I never watched it on TV and I had never seen him before until now. Here I was standing face to face with him feeling like a twit. After all every Aussie girl would know who this handsome dude was, wouldn’t they? And what I had just asked him suddenly sounded like a really lame pick up line.

“Politely he introduced himself and asked if I was having a good night out. ‘Just wonderful,’ I replied. “Got friends visiting from Darwin. See ya.” And with that I shot off in a hurry leaving him standing there in bewilderment. On returning home, I googled him, got his date of birth and referred to my Mystic Medusa’s Soul Mating astrological guide. Our Psyche and Eros  connection equates to the ‘karma drama’ and ‘Haven’t we met before?’ scenario, according to Medusa’s humorous account. Instant mutual soul recognition. Naturally I was stunned and curious to learn more about our ‘karma drama.’ The regression had revealed that He was the Mormons other victim. The old man had killed him with a spade and then strangled me to death. That explained why I could never tolerate wearing anything tight fitting around my neck.”

“As the events with the ‘fly by night’ were unfolding we were leaving one venue headed for another and happened to pass by the former sports pro on the way out the door. This was the same venue where I had met him a few years earlier. Freaky? Yes, even for me who had become somewhat accustomed to such bizarre happenings.”

Yes indeed, all of these bizarre events turn an otherwise ordinary existence into quite an extraordinary one – just as Dee’s natal astrology predicts it would be.

In line with the astrological indicators, the negative karmic ties too had unfolded as predicted. A meeting between her and the fly by night would be marred with deception and trigger in one another dark, deep wounds, vulnerabilities and weaknesses that would be exposed. This was all unfolding in line with the rare and current transiting Pluto/Uranus squares which were directly triggering a number of areas in both of their charts (Dee’s particularly in relation to her purpose and life mission.) In the months that followed, she would literally experience a purging, cleansing and purification process as she healed from the shock and grief of this karmic tragedy and trauma.

Early in 2013 Dee had also been conducting some research on the Agenda 21 when she met Wade through her business services. Vice president of the Farmers Association, Wade, a  Veteran Political Activist who has been at it for 30 years, headed up numerous protest campaigns during this time and has often been known to go head to head with the politicians over water rights and Nazi style legislation. When Wade started to inform Dee about all of the regulations the government were subjecting the farmers to in an attempt to destroy them Dee interrupted, “Is this the Agenda 21 you are talking about? I’ve just been researching that and everything you are describing is a part of the New World Order plan.”

Needless to say this whole conversation triggered what became a full on investigative research campaign for Dee which consequently led to her joining the dots on this massive control system (the matrix) and the elites plan to depopulate the world.  This explained everything, why all of the small businesses in town were consistently being wiped out, the monopoly of the big corporations, loss of properties to bank foreclosure, whole industries being destroyed overnight, the 10 year long drought that had been created by chemtrail spraying/ HAARP, (geoengineering weather control technology)

Dee’s research and investigations sent her into another shock for a couple of months and now she had this trauma to heal. There would be no more denial and attempts to try and shut out the truth and reality. “Alannah was right about the airy fairy thing, I had been using my spiritual practices like a drug in my attempts to bliss out from the world and that was just as addictive and dangerous as substance abuse. Had I not been forced back out there into the mainstream business world, developed an interest in economics, discovered the bogus financial system, seen for myself the destruction occurring across all industries and been personally affected by what is going on I would still be trying to piece that puzzle together.”

Dee recalls what she had been told over a decade ago by another psychic, “You are going to be prepared for what is to come, (scarcity) and I am being told to convey that you are not to worry about money.” Dee intuitively knew she wasn’t just talking about money scarcity, she was talking about food scarcity and everything else and now Dee knew exactly how that is coming about.

Dee is one of the spiritual warriors of the zodiac (North Node in Aries, 9th house)

The North Node indicates ones’ life purpose and mission. The Ninth House is commonly referred to as the House of Philosophy, higher education, it all boils down to understanding: understanding what we see and feel, and probing further in hopes of realizing true meaning. Whether it’s philosophy or psychology, the Ninth House reminds us that we are on a voyage of discovery. Another approach to a clearer understanding of life, and more importantly, of the unknown, is through spirituality. Taking this a step further, psychics as the bearers of relevant information also come into play. Understanding and accepting that which is greater than us, and our world, is key to the Ninth House. Additionally, the Ninth House addresses publishing and multinational ventures such as import/export businesses. The ninth House is best described as philosophically inclined in the search for meaning and truth.