Personalised Astrology Chart Readings

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Astrology is one of Dee’s most favoured empowerment tools. She continues to study astrology almost on a daily basis and will continue to do so for the rest of her life since astrology is a topic you can spend a lifetime studying and will still not know everything there is to know.

Please Note: This service is for personalized natal and synastry chart readings only (not horoscopes) Read Q & A below for more information.

On booking one of the following readings you will be asked to provide your birth details. Dee will calculate and study your chart before the consultation. She will make notes and then discuss all of the information with you during the consultation. If you have a specific question about your chart ask it when you are booking your appointment and Dee will note it and answer the question during your consultation.


Natal Chart Reading –1 Hour session plus prep.

Relationship Reading – 1 + 1/2 Hour session plus prep

Tarot & Natal Chart Reading – 2 Hours plus prep

What can I expect from a natal chart reading?

A natal chart reading provides empowering and insightful information that assists you in your journey of self-discovery, since your unique chart is the blueprint of your innate nature, gifts, challenges and potentials. In understanding your chart you can be guided in choosing the appropriate career path/s that are in alignment with your passions and life mission. The chart can explain challenges and delays in unions, discover the type of partner you will be attracted to and when / where you are likely to meet him/her. Is a divorce or the possibility of an affair in the stars? What is your personal love / relationship challenges and potentials? What is hidden in your 12th house of secrets and karma? Be forewarned about upcoming harsh or opportunistic planetary transits, the area of your life the influences will affect. Discover your purpose for living and the mission you are here to fulfill. What are your chances of wealth creation / inheritance?

Dee won’t just be telling you these things. She will actually show you the indicators on the chart and explain from where and how the information has been derived. She encourages you to take notes and will give you references so you can do some of your own research and investigation.

Q. What makes a “personalized” astrology consultation so special to other services offered elsewhere? 

A. Many online astrologers only provide computer generated and automated reading services. Whilst much information and knowledge can be gathered from these offerings you don’t get the opportunity to ask questions and may not receive the specific information about your chart that you are looking for. ‘Reading’ details about yourself and ‘hearing’ the information have a different impact. The latter is far more profound and compelling and opens the floor to discussion. In assessing your past, current and future transits you will gain a deeper insight and perspective of the big picture and process that is unfolding in your life.

Q. What can a relationship (Synastry) chart reading reveal?

A.  Is he/she my soulmate? Do we have past life connections? Are our karmic connections lasting or dissolving, negative or positive dharma? How compatible are we percentage wise? Why is my relationship on again / off again? How can the challenges of my relationship be navigated in a positive and constructive way?

Q. What is the difference between astrology readings and horoscope forecasts?

A. Forecasting a horoscope is simply one of many tools astrology can be used for. A horoscope is derived from the Ephemeris ( a chart giving current and future calculated positions of the planets) and the forecast is created according to the planets transits and alignments. Astrology as a study and/or reference is a vast topic that is used by seekers of ancient old occult (meaning “hidden”) knowledge. Astrology has been used for thousands of years (more so by the upper class and hierarchies of numerous civilizations) and it predates all religions and science. In the same way you may want to study science or mechanics in order to figure out how things work, astrology is studied in order to understand oneself, others, our unique psychology, the influences the planets have on our psyche, planet and much more besides. Astrology is an empowerment tool. Knowledge is power. Our society is rigged in order to keep us from knowing ourselves through endless external distractions and messages that keep us from discovering our own inner power, gifts, talents and from having a natural connection to our inner guidance, wisdom and to that of the divine. In not knowing ourselves we do not know that we are powerful beyond measure and therefore easily fall prey to the lies, illusions, power and authority of others.

Dee’s service offers chart readings – not horoscopes. Though in reading your chart she will advise you of current and upcoming transits that may be having/have a strong impact on you.

Q. I do not believe that the planets have an influence on me. What makes you think they do?

A. Study, investigation, observation and experimentation mostly. The moon has a magnetic pull on the tides of the ocean and official studies and statistics show that when there is a full moon it has the affect of sending people loony (the lunar effect.) Like everything else in creation we are made up of atoms and molecules and everything in creation is connected (As above, so below.)

Further studies of the natal chart revealed some astounding correlations between the charts predictions and the life experiences that had already occurred.  So the accuracy of the chart can be gauged in retrospect. Mercury retrogrades 3-4 times a year and is known to affect electronics during these retrograde periods. Without fail Dee experiences electronic problems each and every time. The study of astrology and the planets influences have explained many personal experiences that couldn’t be explained in any other way.

Q. What information is required for a natal chart reading?

A. Your D.O.B, Place of birth ( nearest city)  and Time of birth.

Q. Why is my time of birth required?

A. Without a time of birth we won’t know what your Ascendant /Rising sign is because this sign is obtained only by an accurate time of birth. In astrology the Ascendant is the astrological sign (Leon, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) that is rising on the horizon to the east at the birth time. This sign changes every two hours and is usually a different sign to your sun sign. The ascendant sign plays a big role in determining your personality traits. We all have a little bit of the traits of each sign within our personality. This is why none of us, no matter which sign we were born under, are identical in nature.

The time of birth also calculates the positions and degrees of the astrological Houses in your natal chart.  When an astrologer interprets your chart, she blends the meaning of each planet, the house it’s in, and the sign it’s in, to map your chart and identify the obstacles, your gifts and piece everything together much like you do a jigsaw puzzle.

Q. I don’t know my time of birth. Can I still get a reading?

A. Yes you can. Much information can still be acquired without a birth time. However the reading won’t be as full and thorough without knowing the house positions as this is like trying to make a cake with only half of the ingredients.

Do try and find out your time of birth. It is not only important in order to read your chart but also because you may not be receiving accurate horoscope forecasts otherwise. Horoscopes are frequently devised on moon signs and house transits. Supposing you have a Cancer sun, Gemini moon and Leo Ascendant. You simply go and read / watch the Cancer forecast. However, the astrologer has devised the forecast based on house position rather than sign position. Therefore your sun sign reading may not resonate with you at all. However, reading your ascendant sign “Leo” or moon sign Gemini forecast makes sense and resonates. It pays to look at the horoscopes for all three signs. Having said that, there is another complex aspect in some peoples charts (like Dee’s) that affects the house positions and therefore the aforementioned rule is partially tossed out the window – another reason why a professional chart reading is beneficial.

Q. How can I get my birth time?

A. Check with all family members who may have an idea. Search through baby albums and treasure chests. The time of birth is written on the hospital bracelet that was placed on your wrist at birth and your mum may have kept the bracelet as a keepsake. (This is how Dee came to know her time of birth.) Contact the hospital you were born in and ask if they still have a record. If all else fails, acquire a copy of your full birth record from the department of births, deaths and marriages.

Q. I want a relationship reading, do I need my partners time of birth?

A. Not if you don’t have it. Dee can still  follow the indicators and provide information about: Is he/she my soulmate? What is our past life/s connections. Are our karmic connections lasting or dissolving, negative or positive dharma? How compatible are we percentage wise?

Q. Is readings based on Western astrology or Vedic?

A. Mostly Western but some Vedic also.

Q. Would it pay to have my child’s chart read?

A. It most certainly would be beneficial. If you wish to raise your children in an empowering and inspiring way, then it would be wise to learn all you can about his /her authentic nature and nurture their unique gifts talents and personality. Unfortunately too many parents, our education system and society in general are more interested in molding kids into conforming to their own ideas and ideals of what they consider to be successful and acceptable. How many parents expect their kids to do just as they did themselves, or push their kids to excel past their own level of success and standards? Go to college, get a “good job,” buy a house, get married have kids, be a doctor just like dad. These are all limiting expectations that push kids into a box where there is no room for self expression, creativity, freedom of choice, no chance to pursue ones own passions and desires without having to revolt and rebel. It is these kinds of expectations and pressures that can break the spirit of a child and lead to suicide. Your child is a unique individual, not a toy robot to play with. Give your kids the freedom to be their true self and to grow up to be and do whatever he/she wants to be and watch them soar well beyond your wildest imagination.