Dee’s Travel Vlog

On the 19th April 2017, Dee began a whole new adventurous journey that would radically change her life forever. She bid farewell to her home town Echuca, on the border of Victoria and New South Wales and drove off into the sunset to travel indefinitely around Australia solo. Dee’s new home is a 2013 model Sunliner RV and anywhere she chooses to camp. 8 metres long, “the Rig” (as she calls it) has all of the mod cons, comforts and conveniences of a house including a washing machine, which doubles as a bedside table. Naturally everything in the rig is more compact and built on a smaller scale, but all of her needs are definitely met. 019


Dee “flat tows” a Grand Vitara Suzuki behind the rig, which provides all of the freedom and convenience one could possibly want to really live the dream of being an independent ‘free spirit.’ She is inspired and motivated to live a way of life that is more on the ‘minimalist’ side of living, rather than the ‘materialist’ side, but is doing it in style by maintaining a high standard of luxury and comfort. The ‘less is more’ dynamic is definitely at play in her experience as she firmly advocates the notion that all too often our “stuff” ends up owning us when we accumulate too much of it and have far more than we could possibly need. Successfully living a truely free existence is in making the decision to let go of material things that simply aren’t needed or required. The elimination process can be a very liberating experience in itself and leaves you feeling so much lighter, purified and with a great sense of relief particularly if you have hoarded a whole lot of clutter and have debt attached to that stuff.

Throughout this travel vlog, Dee shares the highs as well as the lows and pros and cons of the experience often spiced with a dash of humour. Whilst sharing the awe inspiring sights with viewers, she includes tips and solutions for living economically and off the grid free camping. If you are working aged and think you will have to wait until retirement to pursue the gypsy / nomadic lifestyle, then watch, listen and learn as Dee will inspire you to do it now with plenty of hot ideas and tips for cashing in on your creative abilities, skills and talents through using technology, internet and/or your will and desire to offer your products or services wherever you go on the road. digital-nomad-lifestyle-1024

Dee’s background in business and finance may be helpful to those who could do with some budgeting tips. In keeping with the “holistic” approach to healthy living Dee is always sharing the tips, tools and techniques to create a balanced lifestyle through empowering and thought provoking wisdom.

Join Dee on this exciting journey and be inspired to experience the metamorphosis of change and an alternative way of living.


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