Welcome to Pure Spirit.

This site has been created in order to share lifetimes of experience, many years in research, investigation, extensive study and development as seekers of answers to the ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’ of existence. Deep probing fueled by a keen sense of curiosity and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, truth, wisdom, empowerment, freedom, coupled with the desire for balanced health – mind, body, heart and soul, has led to adventurous journeys into the dark “unknown”zones that angels fear to tread and only warriors dare to brave.

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If we wish to give our lives meaning and purpose then we must be prepared to venture outside the comfort zone, relinquish the influences of the status quo...


                                                                  In order to discover…

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Fear debilitates or activates. It can and does prevent you from escaping destructive conditions and from reaching your full potential. What separates warriors from the rest is not that they are free of fear, rather the warrior chooses to courageously confront and transcend the fear.

The way forward has already been orientated and the way-showers have lit up the path with beacons of light. Only question is… Are you coming along for the journey and adventure?

The choice is yours.